Monday, October 15, 2012

Manic Monday Muse

Manic Monday Muse!!!! I'm so glad that the day is winding down, its warm here at the foothills of Los Anegles.  Just as the day is about to close, I was just reminiscing over the past few months and the amazing end to the wonderful summer season.

One of my memories was celebrating the 5th Anniversary of Calligraphy Katrina and Maison du Papier at Pasadena Museum of History!  (PMH Facebook Page)  With such great delight, I was able to celebrate of growth of CKMDP, friends, colleagues  paper, patrons  partners, and creatives.  The desserts were delightful, especially the fabulous unforgettable cake from A Sweet Design by Joeleen Medina.  The delicious sweetness is still with me as are the early birthday wishes.

I was also excited that we were able to present the new featured products here at Calligraphy Katrina.  Thank you Becca Rillo Photography  for capturing our 5th year anniversary with your keen eyes and whimsically enchanting vibrant  photographs.Becca Rillo Photography on Facebook

More flashbacks to come as we continue the autumn season with Manic Monday Muse.

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