Monday, October 22, 2012

Shining Stars in the Action

 Thanks Carmen Fuentes for making Calligraphy Katrina look enchanting.
Like any other day its always inspiring to remember what inspires us, but today is Manic Monday (not to include the gloomy weather that makes weary for blankets and hot coffee),  its always awesome to have inspirations for the week.  Looking back in the midst of "house cleaning, business, and reorganizing" I'm able to remember and appreciate inspiring moments that influence me.

At Wish Upon a Wedding, there were presentations for the Shining Star Awards, an award that recognizes and honors the most inspirational, motivational, and giving wedding industry and hospitality industry professionals in each chapter's local area.  This award is given by Wish Upon a  Wedding to recipients who are catalysts in getting the community involved and encourages hope.

Shout outs to this year's nominees for the Shining Star award, each nominee contributing back to the community with their intuitive initiative to rally the community, as well as contribute to the community through leadership, speaks, fundraising, and service.

Jake Kloberdanz-CEO and Co-Founder of ONEHOPE Wine
Liese Gerdner-Founder of Mecca
Jeff Black-President and CEO of Classic Party Rentals

But like all awards there is the highlight of the nigiht:  Congratulations to Jeff Black.  This is a quick read that Wish Upon a Wedding has recognized him with:  Jeff Black 2010 Shining Star Award OC/LA

Cheers to a great week!

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