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Holiday Merriment with CKMDP: Kristeen LaBrot

Kristeen La Brot, Kristeen LaBrot Events

Name/Nickname:  Kristeen LaBrot
Nicknames:  KLB, K-teen 
Company and established date:  Kristeen LaBrot Events, est 2009
Hometown (where are you from and where are you now)?  Jacksonville, FL.  I moved to LA about 8 years ago - I now live in Sherman Oaks.
Position and job title:  Owner, Kristeen LaBrot Events
Credentials/Mini Bio about yourself: Kristeen LaBrot Events is a boutique wedding planning company based in Los Angeles. Equipped with a strong sense of style and a love for mixing modern elements with tradition, Kristeen believes in infusing each wedding with personal touches, creating events that are unique to each couple.
Over the past 15 years, Kristeen has planned both large-scale events for entertainment clients such as Target and Universal as well as more intimate social affairs. A current member of the Association of Bridal Consultants, her work has been featured by Style Me Pretty, Green Wedding Shoes, Grey Likes Weddings and California Wedding Day Magazine. You may also recognize Kristeen as the former Community Coordinator for both Project Wedding and Weddingbee, where she interacted with and was inspired by thousands of brides planning their big day.
Fam Bam:  My parents, sister, nephews and grandparents are all back in Florida.  I try to go home 1-2 times per year to see them.  It was tough leaving them to move out here but I'm so glad I did.

1.       Tell us 7 Random Things about yourself (hidden talents and really RANDOM jazz about yourself)? 
a.       I have a very large collection of action figures and comic statues.
b.       I have 2 tattoos (that don't show) The first is of The Last Unicorn, the second is 14 black birds.
c.        My first real job was at McDonald's.  When I left, I was a manager.  Yes, I still eat there.
d.       I can only cook Italian food well.
e.       I own over 60 pairs of shoes (and my husband and I share a closet).
f.         I love checking the mail. 
g.       If it's leopard print, I want it.
2.       Favorite Holiday Scent:  Vanilla Bean Noel from Bath and Body Works
3.       Favorite Holiday Activity: shopping!
4.       Favorite Holiday Tradition: Getting dressed up for all the parties
5.       Favorite Holiday Food:  My mom's stuffing
6.       Favorite Holiday Memory:  Watching cartoons with my sister.
7.       Favorite Holiday Present ever received and given:  My parents got me a "Mr. Game Show" when I was about 10.  I thought it was the coolest toy ever.  I was so excited to give my husband a Dyson vacuum a few years ago.  He still loves it!
8.       Gift you wish you receive this year?  A YSL handbag
9.       Favorite Perfume:  I wear Delicious Cotton Candy by Gale Hayman (I prefer to Pink Sugar). 
10.   What are the flowers, herbs and trees that you can’t live without (Because  we need plants to breath)? 
a.       Flowers: Ranunculus and Peonies
b.       Herbs: Rosemary and Lavender
c.        Trees: Magnolia
11.   What is your secret beauty regiment??  Please do share!   I only use products from Ramona Cline Skincare.  Plus sunscreen all day, every day.  I even keep it in my car for when I'm driving.
12.   CLOSET RAID!  What types and brands of clothing do you own? Aka, we want to know your fashionista style:
a.       Types: I own a ridiculous amount of vintage-style dresses, LAMB hoodies and pieces with sequins. 
b.       Brands: Forever 21, Anthropologie and JCrew
c.        How do you keep them organized?:  By category, then color
13.   Tell us your favorite clothing item (keep it PG please)? My Balenciaga bag - I bought it for myself for my 30th birthday.
14.   Home and Kitchen Furnishing:  West Elm and Z Gallerie
15.   Publications in your rack other than the wedding kinds:  Shape, Women's Health, US Weekly
16.   Book Collections in your library:  Comics, comics and more comics.  Currently on the last book of "Y the Last Man"
17.   What would you do with $100 million dollars? (No Judgment here!) 
a.       What your conscience would do?:  Pay off my debt and give a chunk to my family.
b.       What you’d probably do?: Go shopping around the world.
18.   Vacay Spot, hit us with good travel ideas, or maybe your tranquil retreat center?  (It’s a stressful working world yah’ know!)  We did a Mediterranean cruise in September and had the best time.  We woke up each morning in a different city.  We were able to see so much in a short amount of time.
19.   How do you relax?  I curl up on the couch and watch TV with my 2 cats.
20.   Your SPOT ! What is your favorite spot? Any coffee shop? Restaurants? Places of Interest? When we go out, it's usually somewhere we can walk to.  Our date night usually consists of drinks at the Arclight bar followed by a movie.
21.   Fill in the blank with a technology item:   I feel naked without my ­________?  iPhone
22.   What is your rendezvous food and drink?  And what must your pantry/fridge have, can’t live without food/drink item?   I cannot live without cheese or champagne.
23.   Music playlist essentials:  My favorite band is VNV Nation.   I love 80s synthpop and hair bands.
24.   What songs stuck in your head from this season? LMFAO - it's on all day, every day.
25.   What’s in your Fave Channel list, DVR or movie collection?  I watch way too much TV - we never miss Dexter or The Walking Dead.  For movies - my top 3 are The Last Unicorn, Bladerunner and Moulin Rouge.
26.   Favorite people and public figure:  I love all of the friends I've made in the wedding industry.  It's wonderful to have a support system that understands how hard we work.
27.   Any regrets in life? I wish I studied Spanish instead of French!  I also wish I kept up with my piano lessons.  
28.   What would you change or try to regain about yourself? I would love to get better at saying no to people.

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