Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Soolip Wedding 2013

It's been a busy March, let's throw it back to the first week of March!  

Sunday March 3rd, 2013 my assistant and I attended A Soolip Wedding at the Bel Air Bay Club. Next Exitt Photography and CKMDP partnered together for some small tid bits of creative calligraphy solutions for photography and sample displays. Here is what we were able to do together:  

Couture Medium:  calligraphy on a square mirror with frame/
Couture Medium:
calligraphy on medium to large matte boards.
Couture Medium: calligraphy on petite matte boards accenting portfolios.
Highlights of Soolip Wedding were:

Couture and gowns by St. Pucci
Beautiful Table Displays
A SPECTACULAR panoramic view!!!!
Cake and Champagne Tasting:  Cakes were served by Charmed City Cakes West.  There were also raffles and gift bags too.  Here is more info on the exhibitors, sponsors, and fashion show details on A Soolip Wedding

Thanks for joining CKMDP on our throwback.  To keep up with what is daily happening in our office follow us on INSTAGRAM @calligkatrina.

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