Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Expanding at ABC OC 2013

This March as the spring season was blooming, the opportunity to grow myself also was in bloom.  The Association of Bridal Consultants of Orange County (ABC OC) hosted a delightfully decadent event at the Hyatt Regency of Newport Beach on March 12, 2013.  Many of those in our industry were able to mingle, expand, exhale, and discuss our questions, comments, ideas, and strategies in our participation of event planning.

Throughout the evening we were able to discuss and be challenged on our perspectives of how we all work in this industry.  Here are a gist points that Table 2 discussed and affirmed each other with.
-Focus on one thing and be excited about it. If you are excited others will be excited too.
-Let go and delegate to grow
-Rotary Clubs for service hours. "free labor"  There are students trying to attain service hours for non-profits, charity events, and giving to contribute back to our communities.
-Forget about "competition" and begin focusing on what you do best and educate your clients on what you CAN do best and CAN do for them.
-Know your value and justify your value.  We have to believe in what we are valued for and worth the price .-YOUR TEAM:  this is your family, these are your best and worst assets.  Find a SOLID and CONSISTENT team. They take care of each other, and as an employer we take care of them too.  We balance each other.
-BRAND:  Your brand is an extension of you!!!!

Another mixer presented to us was a "THINK TANK" discussion.  We were to throw out and discuss our biggest successes and difficulties. With this being asked of us this is what Table 2 came up with in affirmation, advice, praises, and advocation for one another.
-With social media as our main advertisement and endorsement; we have lost the face to face value.  It's nice to have open house once in a while. Redefine and clarify face value.
-Be invitational:  invite people into an open house, offer discounts, and offer incentives etc!
-Reading up leads to keeping up!!!!  Read personal and professional growth books.  Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill. Here are some examples:  Thoughts are things, whatever you conceive you can achieve, to build we need to be open to new possibilities, and pass on your wisdom.
-Attitude:  Servant to servant.  Be there for each other.

Over all you can see that this forum has allowed some expanding, exhale and new perspectives for the year 2013.  It was good and fulfilling day of wellness.  Here are pictures of the delightful event.

Floral Riot!
Floral Riot!

Contribution from CKMDP for 80 attendees:
(name tags and programs)

Escort Cards and Table Seating.
Escort Card Cluse-Ups
Program and Table Layouts.
Participating Vendors and Menu.


Once Upon A Cupcake

Participating Sponsors:
-Photography:  Radiant Photography
-Stationery and Calligraphy:  Calligraphy Katrina Maison du Papier
-Florals:  Floral Riot
-Music:  Invisible Touch
-Coffee:  Millie's Coffee
-Dessert:  Once Upon A Cupcake

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