Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Simple Meaningful Calligramme

It's the season of spring where we celebrate the ones that we love dearly.  It's not only April showers that bring May flowers and lastly June bloom, its our special occasions during the spring that change our gestures of love.  In the upcoming months we are celebrating and honoring our Mother's Day, Graduates, Children, Veterans, and of course our everyday significant others.
Who doesn't love a special message specially thought through.

CKMDP is glad to share our services not only with the upcoming recipient, but the love that we have been shown through California Wedding Day Magazine Spring/Summer 2013 Issue.

pg. 30 California Wedding Day Magazine:  Pencil Pusher
If your thinking of a message for your special recipient:  grandparents, your special teen, your dashing veteran, high school or college grad. My team and I, here at CKMDP, can't wait to hear your story, be the messenger, and participate through this Calligramme.

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With a joyful heart, and we hope to hear from you soon,

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