Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Timeless Touch of Craftsmanship: Vacheron at LACMA

The newest inspiration cones from the craftsmanship of Vacheron.  As I was working on their stationaery for their grand event at LACMA, I was learning that quality and craftsmanship are not to be compensated.  It's the details that make the biggest different.  

If you didn't know Vacheron Constantin is a watch brand that has dotted the "i" and crossed the "t" for almost a century.  They follow the Haute Horologerie Spirit of watch making and timeless pieces.  At this event everything from invitation to menu, to table, location, and guests were treated to the finest finishing touches of Vacheron values in technique, aesthetics, and finishing.  In short statements as written like a timeless legend in the invitation:  "sharing our passion, passing on traditions, openness to the world, pursuite of excellence, and fostering creativity."  And lastly, in words of Francois Constantin, "  Do better if possible...and that is always possible."  

Event Details
Vacheron Conotstantin Boutique Opening, Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, CA
Thursday, May 2nd, 2t013 at 7 pm
Cocktails at Vacheron Constantin Boutique
Dinner to follow at LACMA
Vacheron is proud to support James Turrell: A Retrospective
Chef:   Alian Passard

The Stationery
a complete set:  invitation, escort card, and event program.
Beautiful heavy weight gold cover stock envelop, Inner
liner of natural specialty velvet like paper. , and with modern clean invitation design.  
The invitation opened into cubic quadrants, fasteners
were tiny little gold colored metal magnets (kinda like
the little gadgets on a watch.)

Vacheron's Mssion Statement

Simple, beautiful modernly designed invitation and
response card with a touch of calligraphy from
yours truly. 
Behind the invitation.
Escort Card with seating map and layout,  personalized name in calligraphy.
Lettrr pressed on heavy matte fine board.
A peak into the program booklet featuring the Chef Nlain Passard's menu
and full description of the art and design behind each dish.
Event Favors from Vacheron

Not included the newest version of the iPad!!!

Like Vacheron Constantin's values and craftsmanship, Chef Alain Passard also takes his craftsmanship of food and fine dining to the level of articulated art.  He is a french chef and owner of the 3 star Michelin restaurant L'Arpege  located in Paris, France.  In particular, Chef Passard is drawn to vegetables, spices and herbs; a trinity that releases the true character of our earth and the essence of life:  water.  

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