Tuesday, July 2, 2013

V.I.P. Arrival

As stationers and creatives its not only the love for the art of writing on paper but for the art of writing and presentation to make people feel presence, delight, and grand.  We all grew up with the fairy tale stories of receiving wax sealed gold ladden over sized hand written invitations to the palace up til today we see how fine paper and goods now carry out the same love of receiving gifts, invitations, and social presence.  Whether it be for the joy of celebrations on occasion or networking at a mixer; the warm heart and care that goes into the design of the way a word is written or said sets that tone and timeless quality at any given special event.  Today here at Calligraphy Katrina Maison du Papier we offer these following services which you all may be familiar with....

Bellissime Lettere (Translated directly from Italian, Bellissime Lettere means beautiful letters - which is exactly what this product showcases. Katrina takes her natural talent of writing beautiful calligraphy to the next level. Commissioned Artwork would be the best way to describe as each letter is drawn and decorated, ready for framing.)


Couture Medium writing on anything but paper, we can upcycle on the most intriguing fine pieces: mirrors, window panes, chairs, vinyls, clocks, flower pots and more.  Along with our Couture Medium services we can frames, chalkboards, and mirrors we can provide for your special event through our  Regalo Rental Services.  

As of late Calligraphy Katrina is branching out to personalized/customized aisle runners for your V.I.P guests:  special events, PR, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays these aisle runners provides the grandiose presence and hospitable treatment for that moment of arrival.  We of course see that perfect example at a wedding when everyone stands to honor the first entrance of the bride as the doorways part.  as well as the example of limos and fancy cars pulling up to the red carpet.  Here are a few examples of our calligraphy on aisle runners.

Cheers to the V.I.Ps of your upcoming season and events.

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