Monday, February 6, 2012

The daily grind.

It's Monday again! Back to the daily grind we go. Even with all the daily, spontaneous curve balls we are thrown, we almost always manage to get back on top of things - to some extent at least. We were able to rearrange and reorganize the office - again - and finish a couple of projects! In addition to our surprising productivity, we managed to spare a few minutes in a charming little secondhand bookstore tucked away between a lovely boutique lingerie store and a nail salon. This hole-in-the-wall gem is aptly named Century Books, fitting its antique charm. Even though Century Books just opened this year, you are greeted by the most welcoming, friendly store owners, Judith and Steve. Just up the stairs to the bookstore's open loft you can find the latest art pieces from local artists displayed on the wall for sale, and sitting down in the back corners of the store on comfy floor cushions you can spot the hardworking Cal-Tech student studying away in style. This place is definitely one to check out!! =)

*Since the store is so new, they don't have a website yet. For more information, you can e-mail them at or visit them in person at 1039 E Green St Pasadena, CA 91106*

While browsing book covered walls for a good find, I came across an old book that brought back memories of my childhood. I could not help but smile when I flipped through the pages and reminisced about the past. As I was going through the book - a collection of Norman Rockwell's most famous paintings - one caught my eye. I remember looking at this painting and empathizing with the girl in the picture.

Norman Rockwell - Girl in the Mirror [March 6, 1954]

Another painting that caught my eye was this one.

Norman Rockwell - Marriage License [June 11, 1955]

Norman Rockwell is one of my favorite painters for the main reason that his art is very straightforward; yet, deeper meaning can be found when you look closely. In this painting titled, Marriage License, Rockwell "brings to light" the spirit and essence of what marriage should be about - love. It is not unheard of for one to get so caught up in the craziness of wedding planning that you sometimes forget why we get married in the first place!

Happy Monday everyone! And remember, don't stress too much over the little details of planning that you forget about the bigger picture!! =)

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