Friday, February 10, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!! =)

A beautiful gift from my boyfriend. He took the time to arrange this himself!

And in order to remember why we celebrate this holiday of love in the first place, here is a photo from our last blog post about Norman Rockwell.

Here are a few photos from my weekend tea with the lovely ladies from YWD's 100K Wedding. To the left of me is the talented Jeannie Ward. She is the wedding planner for this event. To the right of me is Felicity Sicre who is our fabulous bride. Thank you ladies for such a wonderful afternoon!!

Now that I finally found a moment to blog about our most hectic week at Calligraphy Katrina and Maison du Papier, I'm more excited than ever to show you photos of our latest projects. Business is definitely booming! We managed to cross 2 of our biggest projects off our to-do list in just a couple days - let me just say, they are GORG'!!! Here are some pictures below.

Here are photos of our YWD 100K Wedding invites. We are the stationer sponsors for this event. The peacock feathers were all hand drawn by myself, and the message is entirely handwritten as well. What do you think?? As this year progresses, I seem to fall more in love with the ideas that our clientele present us and I find myself seeking more sources for inspiration to fuel our designs.

Below are pictures of invites we did for another event we sponsored. These invites were really special to us because we made them for a very special couple that is going through a very unfortunate situation. The charity we sponsored is called Wish Upon a Wedding.

We were also able to tackle a majority of the Oscar invites within a day. That's right, 350 envelopes were addressed and my hands managed to not fall off!

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