Wednesday, March 14, 2012

It's all about parties!

This whole year has been insane! From parties to photo shoots to PR work to multiple ceremonial events; from the gorgeous simplicity of Mr. Chows in Beverly Hills to the breathtaking views at the Sunset Tower; from the Italian "villa-esque" of Madeo to the chic sophistication of the Soho House and the classically modern Chanel rooftop; this has been quite the start to a promising year! Because of these events, I feel like I have gained so much more perspective for my own upcoming soiree in September. I am pleased to announce that I have finally - after much debate - locked in the location, date, and time of Calligraphy Katrina's 5th year anniversary!! It will be at the gorgeous Pasadena Museum of History on September 12th from 3-6pm. The vintage-chic theme will fit perfectly with the timeless location.

Another timeless location I have visited this past month also happened to be right here in Pasadena. The Maxwell House was the site of a very special wedding that I helped sponsor this past month. The beautiful couple that I worked with here had been selected by the awesome charity Wish Upon a Wedding, which gives couples in terminal situations the chance to plan and have a beautiful wedding without worrying about the cost. Click here for photos of their invitations that I made.

I was also invited to work with Wedding Nouveau magazine for a photo shoot at the stunning Carondelet House in LA. Let me just say, I loved this space so much that I it made me reconsider the original location of where I was supposed to throw my anniversary part. A big thank you to all the amazing people I worked with there. I definitely plan on coming back here in the future.

I had a lot of fun at Utterly Engaged's 2012 Leap Year event at the chic Pandora on Green and California Wedding Day's event at Unici Casa. It was a blast catching up with colleagues that I often work with, but haven't seen face-to-face in a while! This is so typical of the wedding industry - you help to plan and design so many parties, weddings, and events; however, it's a almost a rare opportunity when you actually get to enjoy one with your fellow colleagues and friends. Such a nice change from the usual hustle and bustle. I also got a chance to reconnect with some colleagues when I attended The Wedding Salon event at the SLS in Beverly Hills.

The Cream event that I attended was on the same day as the event at Unici Casa. I was ecstatic that my - usually reluctant - boyfriend actually agreed to come with me to these events. He helped to keep me sane as I jumped from event to event - several being literally back-to-back on the same day such as the events at Mr. Chow and at The Ebell. One of my dear colleague's, Jen O'Sullivan, had the opening of her new studio in Pasadena and that was probably one of my favorite events that I have attended out of all of them. Great food and a great time in the city of my home base!

And now that Oscar's and awards season and the after parties are over, I am so grateful that I can resume my normal schedule. I realize that I will definitely need to take the time to plan my party down to the last detail so that it can hopefully be just as spectacular as all of these events that I have attended. I am so excited for it! I hope to see you all there!!! =)


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