Friday, December 28, 2012

Holiday Merriment with CKMDP and Ani Varoni

Ani Varoni of Charm de Bon Bon Pastries
Name/Nickname:  Ani Varoni
Nicknames:  An (pronounced On), Anushka
Company and established date:  Charm de bon bon pastries 2012
Hometown (where are you from and where are you now)?  Born in Hollywood, CA living in Glendale, Ca only a short mile away.
Position and job title:  Employee at Calligraphy Katrina, Owner of Charm de bon bon, and part of many other side projects.
Credentials/Mini Bio about yourself: A career in law is what awaits me but a passion equally as important is being in the kitchen. I love to bake and cook, try new recipes and foods, but sometimes it’s fun to just wing it. I have always had the desire to be in the kitchen and experiment. Just the other day I was reminiscing how I attempted to secretly bake Zephyrs at the age of ten, for those who don’t know they’re an egg based Italian meringue cookie, not the easiest to master as an adult let alone a child. Needless to say they weren’t perfect but my desire to create dishes has only increased exponentially with age. For the past year I have been getting endless orders, suggestions to write my own cook book, and inquiries about special requests, so I decided to put up a webpage, print out a few cards and leave my heart and mind open to all the possibilities. Let’s see where this love of food adventure leads me in 2013!
Fam Bam:  I’m happy to say with today’s technology (Skype and face book) I can easily keep in touch with my family near and far. This means I can ask for an egg tart recipe from my cousin in Seoul or a German wedding cake from my cousin in Austria! I’m grateful for all the love and support they send my way encouraging me to keep doing what I love and what makes me happy.

1.       Tell us 7 Random Things about yourself (hidden talents and really RANDOM jazz about yourself)?
1)      I absolutely love colors, they brighten my day, my mood and make me happy
2)      My kitchen tools are all a variation of blues: Aqua, turquoise, sky blue, midnight blue, etc.
3)      I have two rescued little dogs, Gigi and Goji, I never knew I could love animals like children.
4)      Orchids and hydrangeas, they must be around at all times.
5)      My mind is always clicking and my eyes are always observing. I may not voice my thoughts but I do live a lot in my own crazy, chaotic head. I always need to remind myself to express my thoughts.
6)      I try my hand at anything and I’m fairly good at picking up new talents (unfortunately I have a short curiosity span when it comes to hobbies and certain ones don’t make it too far)
7)      I wish I could fly. Most people at some point have wondered what it would be like to have a supernatural ability. However, flight means freedom, cold air zooming past, and the ability to travel to any desired destination, and to think I have to use my two legs or a car to get by is a little unfortunate. J
2.       Favorite Holiday Scent:  Cinnamon, apple, vanilla combination.
3.       Favorite Holiday Activity: Experimenting on new desserts experiencing all the Holiday-feel activities in my city
4.       Favorite Holiday Tradition: I don’t believe I have a tradition, unless jolliness, food, and parties count. Oh! Decorating sugar cookies with my mom and sister.
5.       Favorite Holiday Food:  Sweets, cakes, cookies, puffs, and anything with sugar, yum!
6.       Favorite Holiday Memory:  Spending Christmas and New Year’s Eve with my Family snowed in our cabin hotel Tenaya Lodge in Yosemite. Having apple cider by the fire place with dozens of other families. Playing board games as children ran around writing letters to Santa (Yes, I wrote one too). I believe this is when the sugar cookie decorating tradition accidentally began.
7.       Favorite Holiday Present ever received and given:  My Kitchen Aid stand mixer. It was love at first sight and I couldn’t be happier with that as a present. Best gift given, hm, I don’t think I can answer that. (I am a cluster gift giver. I like to buy a bunch of gifts such as a video game, leather gloves, gift card at favorite coffee spot and an iPod and throw it into a pretty box)
8.       Gift you wish you receive this year?  I’m drawing a blank. Perhaps it’s because I’m happy with everything I already have,
9.       Favorite Perfume:  Fancy Love- Jessica Simpson
10.   What are the flowers, herbs and trees that you can’t live without (Because we need plants to breath)? 
a.       Flowers: Hydrangeas, Orchids, Aneomone and Irish bells
b.       Herbs: Basil and cilantro
c.        Trees: Sakura trees
11.   What is your secret beauty regiment??  Please do share!  Exfoliate with olive oil and Dead Sea salt for the body. Coconut oil and baking soda for the face. Then I just apply scentless, oil-based lotion all over including one especially for the face.
12.   CLOSET RAID!  What types and brands of clothing do you own? Aka, we want to know your fashionista style:
a.       Types: Random, whatever catches my eye.
b.       Brands: I don’t have a favorite brand but I do like obey and free people.
c.        How do you keep them organized? I organize my clothes per categories of shirts and bottoms.
13.   Tell us your favorite clothing item (keep it PG please)? Purses, (yes, they are as important as a shirt)
14.   Home and Kitchen Furnishing:  Sur la table, Jane’s cake supply (my new go to), and surprisingly I don’t go searching for home furnishings they come to me in the most random of places and that’s how my home came together
15.   Publications in your rack other than the wedding kinds: N/A
16.   Book Collections in your library:  I have all the classics Jane Eyre, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Crime and Punishment, Works from Edgar Allen Poe, My favorite are the art section of my collection, ranging from Dali, to Warhol, to Van Gogh all the way to Klimt.
17.   What would you do with $100 million dollars? (No Judgment here!) 
a.       What your conscience would do? Invest, save, and spend only on necessities. 
b.       What you’d probably do? Remodel (new kitchen), shop, categories sub-budgets for different travels, buy all the important people in my life one major thing they need/want and live on my own schedule for awhile.
18.   Vacay Spot, hit us with good travel ideas, or maybe your tranquil retreat center?  (It’s a stressful working world yah’ know!)  Somewhere where nature is abundant, maybe the areas where Lord of the Rings was shot. Rolling green hills with animals roaming about or near a serene lakeside would be ideal.
19.   How do you relax?  Light some candles, get into some comfy clothes and watch a series of cooking shows one after another and clear my mind of all responsibilities for the time being.
20.   Your SPOT! What is your favorite spot? Any coffee shop? Restaurants? Places of Interest? Too many spots to even recall one. My favorite is a Korean barbeque spot in La that to this day I don’t know the name of ( it is in Korean, very real), The Little White House restaurant near a lakeside in Santa Barbara that serves the best desserts with the best wines.
21.   Fill in the blank with a technology item:   I feel naked without my ­_________? I always have to have a phone.
22.   What is your rendezvous food and drink?  And what must your pantry/fridge have, can’t live without food/drink item?   I love chocolate, there always needs to be something sweet in the house, which isn’t a problem since I never stop baking. My favorite drink is Peach Aloe Coconut water, Iced Mocha and Jasmine Green Tea and Clove Black tea. I quite literally make these ahead of time and store them in recycles glass bottles.
23.   Music playlist essentials:  I’ve hit my max amount of stations for Pandora. I like radio because it brings me something new every time I listen along with all my favorites. I need something “chill” like Jack Johnson or Norah Jones. But I like upbeat music as well such as Duo Gadjo.
24.   What songs stuck in your head from this season? Frank Sinatra Music ( It always sounds like a Holiday when he sings)
25.   What’s in your Fave Channel list, DVR or movie collection?  I don’t get to watch T.V. with my schedule so I try not to get addicted to shows. I watch a series of Movies back to back. I really like Game of Thrones and American Horror Story, so I have my bf put it on an external hard drive so I can watch them any time ha-ha! Can’t wait for the Hobbit in December!
26.   Favorite people and public figure:  Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe (Marilyn tells me a woman needs to be sexy and alluring, Audrey tells me sexiness is best side by side with femininity and elegance).  I also admire Women in politics because they’ve made it above and beyond.
27.   Any regrets in life? Many, ones which I will not recall because at one point in life they were decision I made and were ok with, no need to look back and linger on the negative, focus on the positive!
28.   What would you change or try to regain about yourself? Always trying to improve myself. I want to get fit, stick to a routine (the 888 rule: 8 Hours for Work, 8 Hours for Play, 8 Hours for Rest) Master the guitar, Master Photoshop, learn a different language and stop getting frustrated over things beyond my control.

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