Monday, December 17, 2012

Holiday Merriment with Ryan Luevano

Ryan Luevano, Trumpet Player of Crown City Combo

Name/Nickname:  Ryan Luevano
Nicknames:  RyRy (not a name I prefer to be called)        
Company and established date:  Crown City Combo est. 2009
Hometown (where are you from and where are you now)?  Pasadena, California
Position and job title:  Owner and Performer
Credentials/Mini Bio about yourself
I am a local composer, trumpet player, lyricist, and conductor. I have a Bachelors of Music degree in Musicology from California State University, Long Beach Cole Conservatory of Music and I am currently pursuing a Masters degree in Musicology from the same institution. I am also a musical theater composer and have written two musicals that have been produced in LA. I am currently writing a book on the use/integration of music in the magical arts
Fam Bam:  I owe everything I am to my family. They have supported me in everything I do. And it is because of their support that I am the successful person I am today. If there is one thing I can be thankful for aside from my health is that I am blessed with the family I have.

Crown City Combo
1.       Tell us 7 Random Things about yourself (hidden talents and really RANDOM jazz about yourself)? 
a.       I love line-dancing, and you can find me at Montan’s on most Saturday nights
b.       I am a hyper organized person in all the business/school aspects of my life
c.        I have been practicing yoga and meditation for over 7 years
d.       I love swing dancing
e.       I can speak Spanish, French and a little German
f.         I am a licensed bartender
g.       I am a magician and mentalist, and I know what you’re thinking right now!
2.       Favorite Holiday Scent:  Peppermint. 
3.       Favorite Holiday Activity: Eating and making holiday cocktails
4.       Favorite Holiday Tradition: Having family over on Christmas
5.       Favorite Holiday Food:  Turkey and tamales
6.       Favorite Holiday Memory:  Decorating an 12-foot Christmas tree with my parents
7.       Favorite Holiday Present ever received and given:  Received: new trumpet Given: Watch for my momma
8.       Gift you wish you receive this year?  Another year of health and happiness
9.       Favorite Perfume:  Dolce and Gabanna: Light Blue
10.   CLOSET RAID!  What types and brands of clothing do you own? Aka, we want to know your fashionista style:
a.       Types: I love suits, sport coats, vests and ties
b.       Brands: Calvin Klein, Steve Madden, Howie, Forever 21, H &M
c.        How do you keep them organized :Per type
11.   Tell us your favorite clothing item (keep it PG please)? I love my new velvet sport coat.
12.   Book Collections in your library: Anything by Michael Connelly, classics, musical theater history, and music history text books all of which I read for fun  
13.   What would you do with $100 million dollars? (No Judgment here!) 
a.       What your conscience would do?:  Invest in all the stocks I want to own
b.       What you’d probably do?: Travel the world, finance all the businesses endeavors I wish I could
14.   Vacay Spot, hit us with good travel ideas, or maybe your tranquil retreat center?  (It’s a stressful working world yah’ know!)  Paris, New York, Venice, Louisiana, Miami
15.   How do you relax?  Yoga. A glass of wine. Or a good book under the sun.
16.   Your SPOT ! What is your favorite spot? Any coffee shop? Restaurants? Places of Interest? The beach. Any theater.
17.   Fill in the blank with a technology item:   I feel naked without my ­________?  iPhone
18.   What is your rendezvous food and drink?  And what must your pantry/fridge have, can’t live without food/drink item?   Wine, depending on the season. And dry roasted nuts. French bread and Brie.
19.   Music playlist essentials :  Jazz: Sinatra, Miles Davis, Louis Armstrong, Billie Holiday, American song book etc. Classical: Mozart, and Beethoven are my favorite, but anything will do, very light on Baroque music though. Musical theater: Sondheim, Bernstein, Rodgers, Porter, Gershwin etc
20.   What’s in your Fave Channel list, DVR or movie collection?  Dexter, American Horror Story, The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, How I met Your Mother, the History Channel
21.   Favorite people and public figure:  Musicians/theater people
22.   Any regrets in life? Nothing yet!

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