Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Holiday Merriment with CKMDP and Jeff Black

Jeff Black of Maestro & Magic Productions 

Name/Nickname: Jeffrey Black/Jeff Black
Company and established date: Maestro & Magic Productions/2010
Hometown (where are you from and where are you now)? Riverdale Georgia, grew up in Arcadia California
Position and job title: Magician, Co-Founder/Producer
Credentials/Mini Bio about yourself: Jeff Black is a young and experienced entertainer. He has been performing theatrically his whole life and has dedicated himself to the art of magical entertainment for the past 6 years. Jeff has received multiple awards from The Academy of Magical Arts in recognition of his pursuit of originality and perfection in his craft. He has been blessed enough to perform on cruise ships, for museums, celebrities, The Magic Castle, and charities. What drives him to push magic to its limits is the pursuit of injecting his performances with empowerment and inspiration, it is his hope that everybody can find what it is that they love to do.
Fam Bam: Mom, Dad, 2 half brothers, cousins, uncles, aunt.

1. Tell us 7 Random Things about yourself (hidden talents and really RANDOM jazz about yourself)?
a. I love to draw and have been doing so since I was a small child.
b. I practice magic and cardistry daily.
c. I am a night owl.
d. I love looking for areas of my life that need improvement and then working on them.
e. I haven't used my television in years.
f. I love meeting new people and learning from them.
g. I loved and practiced videogames before I got into magic

2. Favorite Holiday Scent: Pine
3. Favorite Holiday Activity: Seeing the people who come back into town for the holidays
4. Favorite Holiday Food: Mashed Potatoes
5. Favorite Holiday Present ever received and given: Macbook Pro received
6. Gift you wish you receive this year? I got it, see above
7. What are the flowers, herbs and trees that you can’t live without (Because we need plants to breath)? Roses, Orchids
8. CLOSET RAID! What types and brands of clothing do you own? Aka, we want to know your fashionista style:
a. Ted Baker
b. Calvin Klein
c. Civilianaire

9. Tell us your favorite clothing item (keep it PG please)? Calvin Klein leather jacket
10. Home and Kitchen Furnishing: furniture that came with the apartment 11. Publications in your rack other than the wedding kinds: Magic Magazine, Genii Magazine
12. Book Collections in your library: Art of Astonishment series, Dai Vernon Card Trilogy, Fitzkee Trilogy
13. What would you do with $100 million dollars? (No Judgment here!)
a. Divide it into 6 categories
1. 10% Nest Egg
2. 10% Education Fund
3. 50% Necessities Fund
4. 10% Give to charities or friends/family in need
5. 10% Fun Money
6. 10% Long Term Savings for a large purchase fund
b. Travel to Japan and then go down the list of the other places I want to travel.

14. How do you relax? Drawing, Jump Rope, Muay Thai, Practice Magic
15. Your SPOT ! What is your favorite spot? Any coffee shop? Restaurants? Places of Interest? The Magic Castle
16. Fill in the blank with a technology item: I feel naked without my ­Cellphone
17. What is your rendezvous food and drink? And what must your pantry/fridge have, can’t live without food/drink item? Water/Tea
18. Music playlist essentials: Kill Paris, Electronica/EDM, Bob Marley
19. What songs stuck in your head from this season? Don't you Worry Child by Swedish House Mafia
20. Favorite people and public figure: Bill Malone (magician,) Michael Carbonaro (magician,) and Gandhi/MLK/Jesus/Buddah
21. Any regrets in life? Why live life with regrets??? We can only move forward and we are all human and make mistakes, if you really regret something then figuring out where you failed in your responsibilities, getting the full impact that had on the situation, then setting up a structure to make sure it never occurs again is the BEST way to address any regret. Living with regret only hurts you.
22. What would you change or try to regain about yourself? I have everything I need :D So do you!


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