Tuesday, July 30, 2013

LGBT Inspired Mock Wedding!

Good day, friends, family, and colleagues!  We had a great weekend.  Full of work AND fun!  Hope yours was the same, if not better!

Recently, we had the wonderful opportunity of working with Two Bright Lights on a LGBT inspired mock wedding.  It's not only extremely classy and heartwarming, but full of tons of color; gorgeous hues of royal blue, purple and pink.

The best part about this Al-Fresco wedding shoot?  Everyone loves it.  It's been featured in FIVE blogs so far!  And hopefully even more blogs in the future!  The blogs that we have been featured in so far include Engaged Now What, Evet Ich Will (A German website), Wedding Wire, Bride Chic, and Urban Style; The Bridal Network.

We are so IN LOVE with this photo shoot and we think that you will be too!

Cheers for love!!

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