Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Calling all Brides! Bring your Bridesmaids!

Hello friends, family and colleagues!  It's been a long week for us.  And a very HOT one too.  This may have been the hottest Labor Day weekend we have ever experienced.  We hope you were all able to stay cool.  In sunny Southern California, it seems like it's Summer five months out of the year.  We all know this to be true!

With summer ending and the kids heading back to school,  everyone is spending more time online.  We are constantly Tweeting, Pinning, Instagramming and Facebooking.  We have been particularly invested in Pinterest lately!  We actually sold a few of our items in our shop thanks to Pinterest!  Our biggest seller is our "Be my Bridesmaid" card.  Good thing most of our Bridesmaids are a little less crazy than these girls.

This is our biggest seller! Our "Be my Bridesmaid" card. Pack of 5 for $10. This is such a cute way to ask your sisters and friends to be your bridesmaids.

Our "Because You Are..." card is another one that people love. A sweet and simple way to show your appreciation for someone close to you. $3.75 each.

"Her Hubby and His Wifey" chair signs are very popular. It adds a little personality to your sweetheart table!

We are definitely going to keep Pinning, Tweeting, Instagramming and Facebooking!  It's some thing that we love to do.  It helps us show people all around what we offer and what we can do.  Don't forget to follow us on all four sites!

Cheers, ladies!! xx

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