Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Destination...Theme Wedding!!

Happy HUMP Day, friends, family and colleagues!  Did you know that Wednesday is called Hump Day, because it is the middle of the week?  It's all coming together now, isn't it?  Anyway, we hope that your weekend was wonderful!  Maybe you went on vacation?  Some brides like to get away, not only for their honeymoons, but also for their weddings!

Doesn't that just sound amazing?  Getting away for your most special day?  For most of us, that's a dream that is a little too expensive to come true...  However, a great alternative to destination weddings are THEME weddings.  In fact, you can even have a TRAVEL theme wedding.  It's like getting away, without actually getting away!

 Here's an invitation that we had the pleasure of doing the calligraphy for.
Super cute travel theme wedding invitations. We LOVE it.

This is an invitation we did for a baseball theme wedding.
Great for a couple that are huge sports fanatics!

Here is a "Thank You" note we did from the bride and groom at their English Garden theme wedding.
Very sweet and cozy.

Who doesn't like getting away? We like it. But we LOVE pretending even more. 

Cheers, daydreamers!!

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