Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Summer Lovin' Happened So Fast

Happy Blog Tuesday, y'all!  (Cheers to the musical, Grease!)

We hope our friends and colleagues had a wonderful and relaxing weekend.  Want to know what's been on our minds lately?  The fact that we're slowly creeping up on the last few weekends of the summer. ):  We're gonna miss our Southern California beach days!  But in honor of summer coming to an end, we're featuring a few projects that we did for a simply beautiful beach wedding.

The Mr. Right and Mrs. Always Right have been a big hit! We just love how cute and playful these chair signs are. 

Even though we're sad that the summer of 2013 is coming to an end;  we're looking forward to the autumn season!  Sweaters, boots, coffee and leaves changing colors.  It's so comfortable and welcoming.  Here is some inspiration for our fall brides:

Invitation for a rustic, Al-fresco wedding.

This is from a Twilight inspired wedding photo shoot. Using apples as place cards can add a sweet and homey feeling.

This just in; RED is making a comeback. Use a pop of red to give your wedding a classy, autumn feel. This is from a Chanel Al-Fresco photo shoot.

See you next season, lovelies! xx Cheers!

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